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The world’s first chocolate made without cacao beans by a British food technology startup

This product does not use palm oThe world’s first chocolate made without cacao beans by a British food technology startup. And it’s a product that doesn’t have children, slave labor, and deforestation.

WNWN pointed out that the way cacao is grown is destructive to nature and labor exploitation as an opportunity to make chocolate without cacao fruits.

WNWN explained, “About 75% of the chocolate consumed worldwide is made from cacao beans produced in Ghana and Ivory Coast, Africa, and more than 1 million child workers are engaged in cacao production in the region.” Ninety-five percent of them are exposed to the worst child labor, such as pesticide work or other dangerous work without proper tools.

Deforestation by Cacao Cultivation

“Over the past 60 years, Ghana has lost 80% of its forests and 94% of Cote d’Ivoire, of which one-third are due to cacao cultivation,” WNWN said. “Deforestation reduces biodiversity, causes climate change, and causes a vicious cycle of people destroying more forests for farming.”

Due to this problem, several companies have attempted to invent chocolate made without cacao beans using food science, chemical, and cell culture technology, but WNWN is known to be the first to succeed in selling chocolate made without cacao.

The main ingredients of chocolate without Kakao are fermented barley used to make whiskey and carbs rich in polyphenol. Carob is a bean family plant that tastes and smells similar to cacao and was once used as an alternative to chocolate.

WNWN “Premium Luxury Dark Chocolate” costs 15,666(Won) similar to premium chocolate made of cacao.

WNWN plans to expand its product line to other chocolate products, coffee, tea, and vanilla through R&D work.



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