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Lotte Hotel launch Drive Through Vegi Box

Lotte Hotel announced that it will introduce a ‘Drive Through Season 2’, which adds a vegan menu to an exclusive product and uses eco-friendly containers, for the first time in the industry last year.

In the case of the newly added vegan lunch box, “Veggie Box,” it is made up of super food so that it can capture both taste and health. △ Mini burger made of beans △ Sukiyaki with tofu skin vegetables △ Grilled assorted vegetables △ Sweet pumpkin and nuts stuffed △ Ecklonia bibimbap, kale ssambap, vegetable sushi and konjac noodles futomaki △ Fruit pistachio daquaz. In addition to being vegetarian, there is also a ‘Silver cod and flatfish with green peas and vegetables in brata cheese sauce,’ for Pesco-Vegetarian, who eats milk, eggs, and fish.

The packaging container was replaced with an eco-friendly pulp box made of sugarcane fiber. The use of pulp boxes can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from harvesting sugar cane and burning the remaining straw. By minimizing the use of plastic and vinyl coating, even if discharged without going through a separate recycling process, it is naturally decomposed and becomes compost.

Reservations can be made up to 24 hours prior to the pick-up time via the Lotte Hotel website, Naver or by phone. It can be picked up at the drive-through pickup zone on the 1st floor or at Delica Hans at a set time.

Meanwhile, Lotte Hotel Seoul’s’Spring Wellness’ package, where you can enjoy products in your room, was also introduced. One night in the room, one vegan lunch box, one healthy lunch box, and two fresh fruit juices.



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